Advice: Plasterboard Thickness

Plasterboard is a common construction material. Used within domestic and commercial environments. While a universal material, there are times when you need bespoke designs. Our specialists at V-Cut have the ability to form. And mould plasterboard around nearly any shape or dimension. With rapid installation times and reduced waste. To save a great deal of money when tackling any task. While there are many variables which we will take into account, plasterboard thickness is one of the most relevant. Let us look at this concern in greater detail.

How to Determine the Proper Plasterboard Thickness

To begin with, there are two standard plasterboard thicknesses and each of these will depend upon the intended application:

  • 12.5mm plasterboard used for walls
  • 9.5 mm plasterboard is more appropriate for ceilings

The main reason why architects use thicker plasterboard, when dealing with walls. Is due to it’s greater degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. On the other hand, 9.5 mm is better for ceilings thanks to its ease of installation. A thinner configuration allows for faster seal of joints.

In some cases, a third variant could be chosen. 6mm plasterboard is frequently preferred when dealing with complex architectural features such as curved walls or ceilings. It is also a great option for those who require a bespoke shape. This primarily arises from the fact that the plasterboard in question is much easier to work with. Not only does it weigh less, but it can be easily manipulated by trained technicians.

When Might Speciality Plasterboard be Required?

We have already taken a look at the notion of plasterboard thickness as well as the advantages of each option. However, what if you are dealing with a project associated with nearby environmental concerns? In such a case, unique variants such as moisture resistant plasterboard are a wise choice in order to avoid future issues such as mould. This type of plasterboard is for bathrooms, kitchens and some entrances. That are exposed to excessive levels of moisture. And is to possible to manipulate in the same way, as traditional formulations.

Targeted Solutions for Bespoke Requirements

V-Cut offers a wide range of pre-manufactured plasterboard profiles to suit a wide variety of needs. This enables us to address projects that would be all but impossible to tackle when using more traditional approaches.

If you would like to speak with one of our qualified plasterboard suppliers or should you be curious to learn more about our additional services, please take a moment to contact us directly. We will be happy to help.

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