Here at V-Cut we cut and shape prefabricated drywall and plasterboard into a diverse range of unique 3D shapes. Cutting and bending plasterboard or drywall profiles creating any complex shape you need.

We cut and shape all our 3D elements off site for quick and easy fitting at your project site. From baffles and grilles, to curved plasterboard ceiling bulkheads and wall recesses, we can make any unique design that you need. To turn those ideas into a reality, speak with V-Cut today and find out what we can do for you.

Drywall or plasterboard is an incredibly flexible product as it can be cut, formed and jointed on site. However, it doesn’t have to involve a lot of site work when it’s possible to produce 3D elements including curved elements off site.

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  • Better quality – We make and inspect all our 3D prefabricated drywall or plasterboard parts at our factory.  Cutting them using accurate CNC machines. This makes sure that all profiles made are of the highest quality and have a superior finish for easy site installation with reduced post completion snagging.
  • Faster installation – Designing, cutting, and fitting plasterboard 3D elements the traditional way on site is a lengthy and wasteful process. By cutting and assembling elements off-site we can quickly and easily make any adjustments on site. This can help improve site productivity overall.
  • Better design – If you are looking at creating an intricate curved plasterboard ceiling or wall, you will want the finished design to look perfect. We help realise such solutions through detailed CAD designs and by using highly accurate machining for fabrication.
  • Individual solutions – We know that not all planned designs will be the same. Therefore, we will work with you to make sure all your intended 3D elements are produced quickly, efficiently and exactly to your measurements.

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Examples of 3D Elements

We can make a wide range of custom 3D designs using prefabricated drywall or plasterboard. Some examples are:

Baffles, grilles, multiple stepped elements, factory-made ceiling canopies, ceiling or wall insulating boxes, picture and TV wall recesses, top hat ceiling recesses, blind boxes, light coves …the possibilities are endless. Factory formed for perfect quality and faster site installation.


Floating canopy ceilings provide the designer with not only interesting aesthetic options but also achieve functional aspects like sound absorption.

Using bendy or folding plasterboard we can create unique floating canopies that will make a ceiling look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, such designs can add functionality to your ceiling such as sound absorption or for enhanced lighting effects. We make all ceiling elements to order as fast as specifications allow. We supply them pre-assembled depending on the size or flat-packed for easy construction.

V-Cut canopy ceilings are made to order within a short lead-time depending on your specifications. The canopies can be supplied pre-assembled, depending on size, or with easy to handle elements for construction on-site allowing particularly quick installation compared to other methods.

plasterboard SOCKET BOXES

Often dry lined walls need to accommodate a range of services including electrics, phone lines, TV, Internet cables and more. It is common for all these parts and cables to cluster at one or more points within the room. At V-Cut we have a plasterboard socket box that will easily store these away, providing easy access for the electrical trades while reducing return visits for finishes. Our socket boxes save time and money and are made from a material that blends with the wall and can include sound, fire, or moisture proofing.

V-Cut’s plasterboard socket boxes save time and money.


As flat-screen technology leads to ever thinner screens, offering greater opportunities for wall mounting. Many clients ask for wall recesses that can house TV screens for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Using plasterboard or drywall we can cut and shape 3D profiles that can easily fit TV screens.

We can also design art niches that combine concealed lighting to create a sense of depth to both the feature and the art itself.


We cut and shape all our 3D elements for you off-site at our factory. For quick and easy fitting at your project’s site.

From intricate curved plasterboard ceilings to unique wall fixtures, we can help realise any design you can think of. We work with a range of clients to help design elements for bespoke projects, tenders and more.

To find out more view our range of products or explore our case studies for previous projects. Please contact our friendly team to start your own project today.

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