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Here at V-Cut we offer high quality plasterboard cutting services for use in the dry lining sector. We perform all cutting plasterboard services off site in our factories. By doing this we can ensure all plasterboard strips are made efficiently and at lower costs than if they were made on site.

In the past, dry lining processes performed on site have proven to be wasteful, inaccurate, expensive and labour intensive. Therefore, by refining how to cut plasterboard off site, we have been able to remove many of the negative effects of on-site cutting. Off-site cutting of plasterboard strips will offer you a much safer, more accurate and overall faster service for your project.

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Benefits of Off Site Plasterboard Cutting

  • Cutting plasterboard on-site takes a long time, which ends up extending the time of your project. Cutting strips off-site is a much faster process and will cut down project time by a lot.
  • The process of knowing how to cut plasterboard off site allows us to cut down on costs and resources. This will allow you to give better focus to other areas of your project.
  • All plasterboard strips are cut to the most accurate measurements with high quality factory equipment. This ensures that your plasterboard strip will fit perfectly within its frame without the need for alterations.
  • On-site plasterboard cutting produces a lot of dust, which can be an ongoing health risk for all those exposed. Therefore, off-site cutting produces less dust making it a much safer method.
  • If you are cutting boards on-site, then you often end up with a lot of waste. By producing plasterboard strips off-site, you will achieve a much more sustainable solution for your project.

Examples of Plasterboard Strip Products

Our plasterboard services can create the following products for you:

  • Deflection head strips used to accommodate the movement of plaster wall partitions.
  • Insulating strips on studs.
  • Pattresses for storing electrical wiring, power cords, outlets and more.
  • Insulating boards for ceiling and wall products such as access hatches and metal ceiling tiles.
  • Boards cut to a specific height to aid in the speedy construction of walls.

We can also create a wide range of 3D elements, profiles, light fittings, flexi board and more. At V-Cut we can supply our own boards or cut boards provided by you. We know how to cut plasterboard, tile backer board, MDF and a wide range of other boards to the highest quality to meet your needs.


At V-Cut we create and supply plasterboard strips for a wide range of bespoke tenders and projects. Rather than purchasing and cutting your own sheets, we can instead cut them for you in our facilities using high quality machines with pinpoint accuracy. In turn, this can help speed up your project and reduce funds and resources spent. Please view our case studies of completed projects to see how V-Cut can help you with your projects. To find out more about our plasterboard services, please visit us online or speak with our friendly team via the phone today.

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