How to fit skirting boards

V-Cut Plasterboard

Skirting boards are an essential part of any home. They cover up the joint between the floor and the wall with a decorative border, whilst covering up the gaps which are needed for the natural contraction and expansions which occur in a house – as well as protecting it from getting hit by the hoover…

Building an Internal Stud Wall

V-Cut Plasterboard

Building an Internal Stud Wall Stud Walls are an easy and commonplace way to divide internal areas of a home whilst hiding electrical cables and pipes. They’ve found particular popularity when building a bedroom en suite, as they are an easy way of dividing a room and giving you a new, separate space – and…

The psychology of interior design

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If you find that you are particularly drawn to curved interior designs and furniture, don’t be alarmed: it’s scientifically proven that the human brain has an affinity for curves. An experiment in 2010 by neuroscientists at the Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute and members at the Walters Art Museum sought to discover which shapes were most…

Soundproofing walls with acoustic plasterboard

V-Cut Plasterboard

How to improve the acoustics of your music recording studio with acoustic ceilings If you are in the process of designing or building your own music recording studio, you’ll no doubt be keen to soundproof the space to keep background noises to an absolute minimum when you’re recording instruments and singers. Furthermore, a soundproofed space…

How to Support Projecting Light Coves

V-Cut Plasterboard

Many of our projects involve pre fabricated coves for concealed lighting. A V-Cut cove is far superior to anything that is built on site. The lines are perfectly straight, the edges are sharp and clean and the work on site is minimal. However, projecting coves have to be supported correctly and the more the cove…

How to fit plasterboard: A step-by-step guide

V-Cut Plasterboard

The use of plasterboard to finish stud walls is an exceptionally effective way to partition rooms due to its cost-effective nature and relatively straightforward installation. It’s possible to fit plasterboard with reasonable speed, especially if you’ve already got your plasterboard profiles cut to the size or shape required by an expert. At V-Cut, we can…

Plasterboard Installation from V-Cut

Modern Architecture, and Flexiboard’s Potential Benefits

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Contemporary architecture is all about creating a perception of space and textures that are soft to the eye. Not only that, there’s a need for today’s architecture to be eco-friendly and creative. Architecture in the 21st century benefits from computer-aided design, enabling architects to play around with new designs and lines for stability, durability and…

Flexiboard Installation from V-Cut

Plasterboard vs. Wet Plaster – Why choose drywall?

V-Cut Plasterboard

Wet plaster has long been a popular construction technique, most often found in more historic, period homes. However, there are many reasons why drywall plasterboard can provide the right finish for your property’s interiors instead of walls constructed using wet plaster. Firstly, it’s important to understand the difference between plaster and drywall, their materials and…

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