With our ability to cut, form and shape plasterboard to your requirements, we can transform your use of plasterboard for interior design and architecture.

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plasterboard 3d elements

From light coves to ornate ceiling shapes, we create plasterboard profiles to create a range of unique 3D objects for any project. All profiles are cut and shaped with accurate machines for a quick, hassle-free installation onsite. Plasterboard profiles allow project designs to be flexible. V-Cut uses advanced technology and cutting techniques to create curves and shapes for any design you need. Baffles, grilles, and more: the possibilities are unlimited.

3D Plasterboard Elements

V-Cut Profiles

All our v-cut profiles are created offsite for you. Cut, glued, and shaped for your project designs. This ensures a faster and more accurate fit on site, with the added benefit of less mess, dust and plasterboard wastage.

Plasterboard offers a better result as it is faster, safer and easier to install when pre-cut. Whether you need right-angled L-shaped profiles, curved U-shaped profiles, Z-shaped profiles or more, any complex profile can be made quickly and easily with v-cut plasterboard.

Plastering Profiles

LED Light & Plasterboard

V-cut plasterboard can be shaped to create complex interior details like light coves and recessed troughs with a range of LED lighting options. Many installers use GRG for their light coves which can be expensive. Using plasterboard profiles to create light coves is simpler and faster for you to install. V-cut can even design indirect and unique lighting features without the need for costly moulded materials.

Prefabricated Light Coves

Plasterboard Cutting Service

Our plasterboard cutting services are all done off-site with state-of-the-art machines. This allows for a quick and easy fit on site, less waste and a safer working process.

Whatever you require, we can cut and shape the board exactly the way you need to suit your individual project requirements.

Plasterboard Cutting Services

V-Cut Flexiboard

For curved or round surfaces slotted flexiboard designs offer you the perfect project solution. Flexiboard can wrap to create a curved surface: whether convex or concave or both.

All flexiboards can bend to a 60 mm radius allowing the creation of curves without the use of force. Flexiboard is great for curved bulkheads, columns, curved walls, and rounded partition caps.

Talk to our team about your project and how we can create plasterboard profiles with contours to suit your needs.

Curved Plasterboard Solutions


V-Cut plasterboard Solutions

V-Cut offers you a wide range of plasterboard profiles for architects and installers to apply to any project. We can cut, shape and form plasterboard to fit any design needs.

To see case studies of some of our high-profile clients and projects visit our Projects page. View our products or get in touch with our friendly team to talk through your plasterboard profile requirements.

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