Plasterboard by V-CutWe form plasterboard ideas into reality

V-Cut offers an exciting opportunity to economically pre-manufacture plasterboard profiles to suit your design ideas.

The process involves cutting grooves into the plasterboard so that it then simply folds to the required shape. This allows easy, quick and high quality installation. The grooves can be anything from straight to V cuts and even curves are possible.


Faster on site performance

Fold-Fix-Falt-Fix-plasterboard-adhesive-tapeWhether it is simple L shaped profiles for window reveals or complex stepped profiles for bulkheads, V-Cut can create quickly the design requirements without the need for expensive moulded sections or expensive on site labour. Off site manufacture means faster on site performance.

Our CNC machinery achieves tight and precise tolerances such that anything delivered by us reflects exactly your design requirements to the highest possible quality. The plasterboards are cut and machined using highly accurate equipment with special tools. Where desired the folding boards can be prefabricated in the factory using gluing, screwing and laminating techniques. The result is a precise form of impeccable quality and strength.



Fantastic possibilities for interior architecture

V-Cut profiles provide the best possible quality finish whilst saving money by reducing expensive supporting structure and by allowing a quick and easy installation.

V-Cut Ltd offers architects, designers, contractors and its clients fantastic possibilities for interior architecture using this tried and tested solution. The potential for functional or aesthetic designs is wide. The only constraint is the designer’s imagination.