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V-Cut was incorporated in 2003 and has been manufacturing plasterboard profiles since 2004.  V cut profiles were prominent in Germany and France at this time and V-Cut decided to bring the technique to the UK market.  We started in a small factory in Amersham producing profiles for clients on some major projects including the new Wembley Stadium.

Major projects in subsequent years have seen us grow into our much larger premises more recently in 2020 into our current factory in Portsmouth so we could handle greater volume and more factory glued design-oriented profiles.

Our popular Flexiboards saw us introduce in 2017 a unique fast machine for this, cut strips and straightforward v grooving profiles.  This has enabled us to manufacture volume orders quicker.

We are delighted that many of our customers have grown with us.  By offering cost-effective solutions, we have helped them win projects and deliver quality to satisfied clients. Projects like Terminal 5 at Heathrow which won the AIS Gold Award in the AIS major ceiling projects category in 2009 or the Apex Temple Court Hotel, London, which has won numerous commendations for the building and its interior.

Plasterboard Cut To Size – V Cut Form Plasterboard Ideas Into Reality


Whatever your design ideas are, at V-Cut we can help make those visions a reality. We can pre-manufacture any plasterboard profile to suit your needs quickly and economically.

To create our designs we cut grooves using our plasterboard cutting expertise. After that, we fold the plasterboard until it fits the needed shape. This allows you to install the plasterboard rapidly, and efficiently.

Our cutting process can create any profile: straight, curved, or v cut plasterboard designs are all available. To see the range of products we offer, visit our products page.

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At V-Cut we can fulfil your design needs without the need for costly moulded parts or on-site production. By making our profiles offsite we achieve a much faster and more efficient installation.

Perhaps you are looking for L-shaped profiles to use for window reveals? Or maybe you need stepped profiles to use for bulkheads? No matter the design, our team can produce profiles accurately and with high quality.

Our machines and special tools maintain high accuracy and can achieve the precise tolerances needed to create products that fit your exact needs. With additional factory techniques such as screwing, glueing and laminating, we will deliver an installation ready product of flawless strength and quality.

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At V-Cut we give you the most cost-effective and best quality finish possible for all profile designs. We help reduce costs by taking away the need for extensive on-site support structures.  Instead using off-site manufacture results in fast and easy installation for you.

V-Cut works with a range of clients to help them achieve their design plans. From designers to architects, and other contractors. We offer proven and workable solutions for a range of interior architecture ideas.

Over the years we have worked with many high-end clients to help create their aesthetic and practical ideas. Some of our projects have included H & M Stores, Heathrow Airport Terminals, London Bridge Place and Price Waterhouse Coopers. Visit our projects page to see case studies of our previous work.

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Choose V-Cut for your next plasterboard project?

With our plasterboard cutting technology, we shape and form the plasterboard quickly and efficiently with no waste.

Once done, you can install your designs with speed, efficiency, and minimal disruption, whilst avoiding extra costs through wastage and time spent on cutting & clean-up.

To start your next project, talk to our experienced team. Speak with us online or by phone and feel free to include any designs, concepts, or sketches for your project.

For V Cut plasterboard designs perfect for any job, contact V-Cut today!

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