We know that sound bounces off standard flat surfaces, and that this can result in increased noise pollution. Perforated plasterboard reduces sound vibration and produces better acoustics. This creates a calmer and more comfortable feel, especially in spaces that are naturally noisy. But the way in which the perforations are cut can also add style and sophistication to any interior finish.

Here at V-Cut Ltd we’re able to successfully combine those two elements of style and function. This allows architects and contractors significantly more options when creating their project designs. But it’s not just about the way things look. In fact, pre-cut plasterboard has a number of other advantages over plasterboard cut on site.

It helps:

  • Reduce noise
  • Control sound vibration
  • Improve indoor comfort
  • Produce higher quality acoustics

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The benefits of pre-cut plasterboard

More cost effective

Cutting acoustic plasterboard on-site can be a time-consuming task, and additional time often means additional cost. It can also be messy and wasteful, which can add even more unnecessary expense.

Machined using specialised equipment, pre-cut plasterboard arrives on site ready to use. The cuts are clean and precise, which makes the job of fixing the boards in place much quicker and easier.

Professional finish

In every construction job there is a risk of human error. If a board is cut badly or not measured correctly, it can have a negative impact on the job. No client will be happy with poorly fitting boards or rough edges.

A pre-cut acoustic ceiling offers the kind of high-spec finish that designers and contractors are looking for. Moreover, it’s the kind of professional finish that their clients demand.

High volume for large projects

Many major projects involve unusually large wall and ceiling areas requiring perforated plasterboard. This can be a significant challenge if you’ve opted to cut your own boards on-site.

Here at V-Cut we can supply pre-cut acoustic ceiling boards in bulk for large contracts, bespoke projects and tenders. This speeds up the process for contractors and allows them to achieve a perfect result for their customers.

Design support

Standard acoustic plasterboard is widely available, and is used in a wide variety of developments. But not many providers are actively involved in the design of the projects they supply.

Here at V-Cut we are able to tailor the shape, size and percentage of perforations to suit requirements. Our standard range of perforated plasterboard includes a variety of square, round or rectangular patterns. That means we can work with architects to fully support the design process as it evolves.

Our standard range of perforated boards includes a variety of square, round or rectangular patterns.

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