Where can I buy V-Cut Flexiboards?

Please view the 'find a stockist near you' page for more details.

What radius will the V Cut Flexiboards bend to?

The board will bend to a radius of circa 100mm which would be impossible to achieve in plasterboard by any other method.

Can you cut any type of board?

Yes, up to 25mm & provided it has a paper face.

Does it matter if the boards come from Knauf, BG or Lafarge?

Which company supplies the board does not matter at all.

What is better - flat packed or pre-glued?

It’s faster to install factory glued profiles but the cost of gluing is high and the lead time is longer.

Do you need a joint bead with a V Cut profile?

No, but if you intend to skim you need a bead.

What do you do where the profiles join each other?

This joint is treated in the same way as 2 short sides of normal flat boards – as per the manufacturer’s instructions (3mm gap, taped and filled with jointing compound).

Does a v cut affect the board's fire or sound performance?

This is a question we put to Warrington who advised us no manufacturer has ever tested a beaded corner. In Warrington’s opinion the v-joint will perform the same.

Is a V Cut corner profile in a wall or column as strong as a beaded corner?

The bead will give marginally more protection but any corner hit hard will be damaged whether beaded or v cut. A v cut corner can be locally repaired whereas a beaded corner requires total replacement of the bead. The v cut corner can also be locally strengthened at the back with a 25 x 25 angle.

Are other sizes other than the standard profiles available?

Yes. Subject to quantity we will manufacture the client’s exact requirements.

Is any special framework required to support the profiles?

No and, indeed, a benefit of V Cut profiles is they are strong so less framework is required.

How do you handle V Cut profiles to avoid damage?

A tip – before lifting boards off the pallets, fix a 25 x 25 angle behind the joint such that you lift a complete preformed profile. If lifting the flat packed profile, always be careful to support the board both sides of the v joint. Alternatively use our Fold & Fix tape solution.

Does the slotting of the V Cut Flexiboards affect the fire or sound performance?

By the very fact the slotting removes part of the board, we have to assume it will affect the performance but at this stage we have not carried out any tests. Note, when the board is fixed, the slots often close up.

What framework is required for fixing the V Cut Flexiboards?

A curved wall can be built using timber or steel profiles as per the manufacturer’s instructions. For columns, we can supply MDF formers to the required diameter to support the flexi boards.

How do you finish the V Cut Flexiboards?

The slotting creates a faceted appearance once the board is fixed so we recommend a very light skim finish.

What is the lead in time for non-stock profiles?

Certain stock profiles are supplied through our distributors but depending on volume non-stock profiles are available 7-10 days from order and clearing of details.

Can V Cut Flexiboards be used for curved ceiling bulkheads?

Flexiboards will form curved ceiling bulkheads provided the supporting framework is set out perpendicular to the slots in the backs of the boards and at appropriate centres to support the boards. The framing behind needs to be shaped to the required radius or profile as the boards are inherently flexible and will wrap to the framing.

Can you cut a Fermacell board?

We can v cut an edge to the board or cut it to size but Fermacell does not have a paper face so it would need to be a glued profile.

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