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At V-Cut we provide high-quality flexible plasterboard for use in a wide range of projects. From curved walls to round columns, V-Cut flexiboard plasterboard will fit cleanly and easily around any surface.

Our flexible board products are able to bend up to a 60 mm radius. This allows you to curve them around any structure without needing to force them. Therefore, our flexible boards can fit where other boards cannot and will freely follow the contours of any wall shape.


  • Curved Ceiling Bulkheads
  • Round Column Casings
  • Curved Walls and Linings
  • Rounded End Caps for Partition Walls


  • V-Cut’s Flexiboard will curve around the site framing without being forced.
  • V-Cut Flexiboard goes where other boards can’t.
  • Standard board size: 1200 x 2400 x 12.5 mm.
  • Able to bend to a 60mm radius.

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What is Flexiboard?

We have specially formulated our flexible plasterboards to work with curved surfaces such as arches, domes and bulkheads. They can work with convex or concave wall features or any combination of both.

The slotting of the plasterboard allows it to bend to tight radii. The strong paper liner on the front face remains intact. Once skimmed, the board offers a superior finished surface that can be used for even more decorative purposes. Each board comes in a standard size of 1200 x 2400 using 12.5 mm standard plasterboard but other sizes, thicknesses and types of board are possible.


V-Cut’s Flexiboard has the advantage that it will wrap around the site framework to almost impossibly tight radii.

Whether the wall is convex, concave or both – the Flexiboard will follow the contour.

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Benefits of Flexiboard

  • We have specially made flexible plasterboard to wrap around any curved framework no matter the shape. Convex, concave or both, the board can readily fit around any curved surface.
  • The strong core of the board allows it to bend up to a radius of 60 mm. This allows it to stretch around even the tightest curved features.
  • The board is lightweight meaning it can be easily installed without a lot of effort or labour involved.
  • Once installed the board offers a high quality finished surface that you can use for a wide range of decorative applications.
  • We make all boards from natural and recycled materials and they are completely eco-friendly and nontoxic. If you choose to remove them then you can safely recycle them for other uses.

Applications for Curved Plasterboard

You can use Flexiboards on timber, steel and masonry. This makes it an extremely versatile material that you can use for a wide range of applications:

  • Bulkheads for curved ceilings.
  • Casings for round columns.
  • Linings for curved walls and ceilings.
  • Rounded end caps for partition walls.
  • Coverings for domes and arches

You can use these boards for a range of projects both commercial and domestic. Also, you can even combine them with our pre-shaped plasterboard products. Speak with us to find out how we can apply V-Cut Flexiboards to your project.

V-cut pre-shaped Plasterboard

At V-Cut we make and supply flexible boards for all types of bespoke projects. We can supply you with our own range of flexible boards or we can offer you a choice from any of our stockists and distributors. Please visit our find a distributor or stockist page to locate a supplier near you.

In addition, please take a look at our case studies of completed plasterboard projects to see how V-Cut can help you complete yours.

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