3D plasterboard shapes at Metro Bank fit out

Creating 3D plasterboard shapes is neither difficult nor expensive. V-Cut’s machining techniques allow it to engineer and build elements of a drywall ceiling in the factory. This saves time on site and therefore lowers costs, produces better quality and reduces waste. To-date we have employed these techniques on many Metro Bank projects (5 of these with our partner Sucina).

Plasterboard has many advantages including the ability to cut and form it on site. However, when it comes to difficult shapes, creating the structure and cutting in boards on site that must then be trimmed and finished becomes time-consuming work and is prone to errors leading to snags or complete reworking.   These design ceilings are best produced in the factory as pre assembled units.

Each Metro Bank involves a unique ceiling design with features to impress the customer, that interplay with colour and lighting. The architect’s design has some of these formed in MDF but MDF and plasterboard make uncomfortable bed fellows when together. V-Cut’s approach is to design and produce these in plasterboard so there is commonality in the choice of materials used avoiding cracking from differential material expansion rates.

The two images are for the Metro Bank at ….. and show the feature curved beams with light recess as produced in the factory and then in the final installation. You can see more images here…. All the features, upstands, multiple stepped profiles, and beam casings were produced and supplied by vcut.co.uk

Designed in CAD, cut on a CNC machine then glued together (complete with integral supports) in the factory, the products become easy and quick to assemble on site.

V-Cut is changing the face of dry lining by making drywall easier to install and finish.

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