5 reasons why we’re suitable suppliers for drywall projects big and small

At V-Cut, we’re driven every day to provide our clients with specialist plasterboard that turns their design ideas into reality. We proudly work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals, to help transform interiors with simple, stylish and high-quality drywall installations; without the need for expensive moulded sections or on-site labour.

Drywall should be accessible to everyone; it’s the easiest application for interior architecture projects, providing the highest quality finish whilst saving money on expensive supporting structures. Put simply, the only constraint is your imagination!

If you’re an architect, specifier, designer or contractor that’s unsure whether V-Cut is suitable for your interior design ideas, read our five reasons why we’re delighted to supply drywall projects of all sizes – we hope you’ll agree it’s a compelling business case!

Diverse range of plasterboard profiles
Whatever you’re planning, our plasterboard profiles offer unrivalled design flexibility. Whether you’re looking to create clean, elegant lines or contemporary curved areas – using convex or concave shapes – our pre-manufactured plasterboard is the perfect partition solution and can be pre-formed or flat-packed ready for immediate installation within your home or workplace.

Capable of transforming large spaces
We’re comfortable working with contractors overseeing the redevelopment of vast spaces. We were specified to supply more than 13 kilometres of plasterboard for Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2, producing the perimeter bulkhead and light coves that surround the metal ceilings. We’ve also supplied H&M stores across the country with bespoke 60-degree knife-edge bulkhead profiles, providing on-brand detail above retail displays. Big brands and big spaces simply don’t phase us.

Equally effective at stylising interiors in small offices
Redesigning more modest interiors is something we’re equally passionate about. We’ve used our flexible profiles to install perimeter bulkhead detailing in office space in Slough, helping to stylise and accentuate lighting features. Private home projects can benefit hugely from our attention to detail and design features. Wolkingham House benefitted from our Flexiboards to create stunning radius features and curved walls to make a genuine feature of the staircase.

A great choice for budget-conscious projects
What our clients really appreciate is our ability to dry-line interiors to tight budgets. As our plasterboard profiles are pre-manufactured to the size you require, there’s no need to cut plasterboards to size on-site – you only use the material you need, avoiding the potential for wastage and throwing money down the drain when stylising your interiors on a budget.

Perfect whenever time is of the essence
Finally, for contractors and specifiers that are working to tight timescales, V-Cut drywall plasterboard can be installed quickly and still maintain a high-quality finish. Once we know the design you’re after, we can machine-cut grooves into the plasterboard that will fold into your required shape, ready for installation on-site whenever you’re ready. From simple L-shaped profiles for window reveals to complex stepped profiles for bulkheads, you can rely on us to deliver quicker on-site performance.


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