How to Create LED Light Coves

One common, yet at times most difficult to create, detail in a dry lined suspended ceiling is a light cove. All too often the option selected is to manufacture these in fibrous or GRG plaster but that can introduce lengthy procurement time, high cost and, occasionally, poor quality into the solution. Building a cove on site using traditional techniques of cutting and trimming boards is time consuming and can also produce unacceptable quality.

But it need not be so as we have a number of standard plasterboard light coves within our product range. These are available quickly, can be supplied with or without the LED light strips and are easy to integrate into the surrounding plasterboard ceiling. The coves are manufactured in set lengths of 1000 and 2000mm with or without mitred ends and constructed as a complete units for easier installation (LED strips supplied separate).

Light coves ultimately are for providing light but with clever design these can direct or distribute the light for maximum effect. For example, one of our standard coves provides an interesting wall wash effect. In addition our LED strips come in a variety of light strengths to simulate either a conventional light bulb or a daylight condition. If desired, we can also provide LED strips with colour changing possibilities.

The range of possibilities is wide. Beautiful V-Cut coves with integrated LED lights make site work more efficient and provide greater environmental responsibility. What could be simpler than to have the whole cove factory made ready to be erected as one piece. Use our contact form to enquire for more details.

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