Flexiboard Plasterboard


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Flexiboard Plasterboard

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V-Cut Flexiboard is ideal for curved drywall, curved ceiling bulkheads, round column casings and a large range of other curved drywall applications. The slotted plasterboard will wrap around the framework to almost any radius.

  • Great Value
  • Used for large range of curved round plasterboard applications
  • Easily cut to the required dimension
  • Able to bend to a 100mm radius

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Sheet Measurements: A (1200mm), B (2400mm)

Type: Standard Plasterboard

Brand: Siniat, British Gypsum, Knauf – We work with all major plasterboard brands

Material: 12.5mm Standard Plasterboard

Product Code: P2010

Minimum Quantity: 5 Sheets

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