Cut Strips of Pasterboard by V-Cut

Our plasterboard cutting service provides:

  • Fast and accurate installation on site
  • Less waste
  • Reduced H&S risk – less cutting = less dust

Dry lining involves a lot of repetitive cutting which leads to dust, waste, mistakes and more labour time and money. Pre cut plasterboard will save you time on your dry lining project. The plasterboard turns up according to your measurements.

Our cutting service is useful for:

  • Deflection head strips
  • Insulating strips on studs
  • Pattresses for services
  • Insulating boards on other ceiling or wall products e.g. access hatches or metal ceiling tiles
  • Boards cut to a specific height to allow faster wall construction on the project.

Our boards or your boards – it doesn’t matter. We can cut plasterboard, tile backer boards, MDF among others.

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