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V-Cut Shaped Plasterboard Profiles

Off-site Manufacture and Modular Construction with Plasterboard.
V-Cut plasterboard profiles, a major advance in the dry-lining industry being simpler, cheaper and better.

Advantages include
  • Speed of Construction
  • Great certainty over cost and programme
  • Higher quality
  • Safety
  • A more sustainable approach to construction


Factory assembly of key plasterboard elements means faster installation and better quality

Speed up your dry-lining installation

Dry lining is fast and easy with the use of V-Cut plasterboard pre-assembled components ready to be fitted on site.

Traditionally, plasterboard angles are produced in a time consuming way by cutting boards on site, fixing the pieces to a framework then trimming with beads followed by jointing.

With V-Cut profiles there are
  • no corner beads required
  • reduced jointing on site
  • no cutting of boards on site
  • less framing

The standard straight ninety-degree L shaped profile has many applications and is simple to produce by V-Cut’s process. The position of the cuts can be adjusted to suit the design required. Manufacture and delivery is quick.


U-shaped profiles with ninety-degree angles produce solutions such as end caps for various thicknesses of plasterboard walls or pipe enclosures. The position of the cuts can be adjusted to any size depending on the needs of the project and the design.


Even Z-shaped profiles are included in our standard range and can be delivered preformed or flat packed.

With sides formed at ninety degrees to each other, the Z shaped profile offers endless design possibilities, whether for bulkheads in ceilings or features in walls.


Combined technical know how, gluing and other processes generate even greater possibilities for intricate, unusual features and details in walls and ceilings such as multiple stepped profiles.


Simple peel and fold plasterboard solution. A precise prefabricated dry lining profile without the need for time consuming finishing work.


fast installationsaving labour cost
no beads requiredsaving material + labour cost
perfect cornershigh quality finish
flat packed deliverysaving delivery cost
reduced wastesaving material cost

High quality finishes with perfectly straight corners. No corner beads required.



All our profiles can be deliver flat-packed or pre glued ready for installation.

By gluing the V-Cut sections in the factory the profiles can be supplied to site ready for immediate installation. The glued profiles are strong with the added benefit of requiring less support framework.


Typical applications include:
  • Light coves
  • Door reveals for partitions and dry lining
  • Window reveals on dry lining
  • Single bulkheads, upstands and downstands in ceilings
  • Light troughs for concealed lighting arrangements
  • Corners to partition walls
  • Changes in wall thicknesses
  • Beam & Services encasements
  • Floating end caps to partitions
  • Free openings in partitions
  • Cable or pipe encasements


Complex design no longer means complicated installation.

The V-Cut process opens up a whole new variety of possibilities for unique solutions.

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