How to Support Projecting Light Coves

Drywall ceiling

Many of our projects involve pre fabricated coves for concealed lighting. A V-Cut cove is far superior to anything that is built on site. The lines are perfectly straight, the edges are sharp and clean and the work on site is minimal. However, projecting coves have to be supported correctly and the more the cove projects the more it requires consideration of the suspension system.

A cove projecting just 100mm from its fixing point, if it is supplied pre glued, can cantilever without any special additional supports. This detail works for most coving requirements. And ensures a fast installation on site

When the cove projects beyond 100mm up to 150mm, additional support in the form of a 2mm thick angle fixed back to the vertical bulkhead structure will provide the necessary support to allow the cove to cantilever without issues.

For coves projecting beyond 150mm to 200mm, it is recommended to have a 2mm thick “top hat” bracket that extends the fixing points and is also independently suspended with a threaded rod.

These are just some of the techniques to provide support for extended cove profiles. It is important that both the designer and a structural engineer take account of any unique requirements on the project and properly evaluate any technique used.

V-Cut light coves provide an economical solution to fulfill your imagination. They are quick to install, economical and high quality.

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