The Meaning of Light: V-Cut Lighting

V-Cut now offers LED light strips as part of its range of plasterboard light coves. This gives our clients the one stop shop option for all their light coving solutions and ensures the best advice is given for the most appropriate solution. Our LED strips are manufactured in Germany using only high quality chips to ensure a guaranteed product.

Light has been a part of our history almost for as long as man has walked the earth. We started with candles, developed flame lamps then incandescent lights through to halogen bulbs into LED with the latter becoming ever more employed as prices have fallen. Gradually LED lighting is becoming the norm.

Light plays an important part of our daily lives. Its effects on our health are well documented with constantly more data being added to this field of research. This research has recognised just how important light is to our biology. For example, the disruption of our circadian rhythm, which reflects the 24 hour solar day, is now seen as influential to physiological problems causing declining performance and sleep issues. The type and quality of light we encounter has also been shown to influence hormone secretion, heart rate, alertness, sleep and body temperature.

Indeed, blue light has been shown to have the strongest biological effect helping to decrease lapses of attention and improve auditory reaction (useful in the office design context). However, blue light at night is not man’s delight as it has been shown to cause sleep deprivation or poor quality sleep (useful to know for residential designs).

Modern day living and the design of our office and home space can learn much from this field of research. We have the technology to create the right colour of lighting in the most appropriate settings including, where we want, colour changes according to physiological need during the day. Designers have the ability to see light and the lighting of space as a powerful influence on what happens in the space.

With V-Cut, we help bring about the combination of art, light and materials to harness the best effects of lighting. For example, take a look at our Silent Light – a seamless canopy or wall cladding providing hidden light, acoustic capabilities and the potential for combined down and up-lighting in canopies using LED technology. Whether it’s Silent Light or our light coves, there’s an economical solution from V-Cut awaiting your imagination. Use the Enquiry Form under Contact for more information.

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