TV Recesses in Slim Walls

V-Cut’s L profiles offer many advantages – perfectly cut, perfectly straight and no need for beading or jointing. That makes difficult details easy to achieve and wall recesses or niches are one such detail where the V-Cut solution makes life easy.

Modern TVs are getting slimmer and slimmer making wall mounting easier and more common. However, mounting TV’s on the face of drywall partitions still leaves them sticking out, capable of being hit and, arguably, unsightly. Many plasterboard wall constructions are double lined boards on 70mm studs giving a general thickness of 120mm overall so mounting a recess into this type of construction so that the TV is flush or not sticking out is not easy. But it can be done.

TV mounting brackets are, like the TVs, getting thinner. AVF, for example, have a mounting bracket (Unimax L8500) suitable for screwing to plasterboard that will support up to 80kg without, they state, needing any special plasterboard backing or supports and, at just 12mm thick for the thinnest, it creates great opportunities to recess a flat screen TV into a thin wall. The majority of the thin 47” TVs, for example those made by LG, are between 24 and 38mm thick (there are two from nineteen outside that range) so to create a flush appearance the recess would need to be between 36 and 50mm.

By using a liner system, e.g. GypLyner Universal, at the back of the recess in the dry lined partition, it is possible to create a recess 50mm deep. The remainder of the wall is constructed in the normal manner. That leaves the final finishing touches of a perfectly straight and neat edging around the front of the recess to be created using V-Cut’s L profiles eliminating complicated beading and jointing – a beautiful finish to an attractive feature in a plasterboard wall simply created.

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