Curved Corners

There are often situations where sharp corners on plasterboard partitions, whether for functional or aesthetic reasons, are an undesirable part of the design. V-Cut Flexiboards not only make it easier to create curved corners for drywall but also to very tight radii.

Traditionally, the only way to get a tight rounded corner on a stud wall has been to use an extruded aluminium section or a GRG profile. Both introduce different materials to the surrounding plasterboard wall and hence colour mismatching may result. Maintaining continuity of finish whilst achieving the required look and function can only really be assured by using plasterboard which historically was impossible. Here’s where Flexiboard provides the solution. Flexiboard plasterboard is so flexible it will bend to a radius of just 30mm so smoothing a corner on a 100mm thick wall is no trouble provided the structure behind follows the required shape.

In construction plasterboard is known for its many advantages as a flexible building material but with our Flexiboards it cannot get more flexible.

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