Mission Impossible to Possible Mission

Plasterboard has so many advantages as a flexible building material but there are always details that are difficult to achieve. Usually it’s the wall abutments or ceiling upstands /bulkheads and blind boxes /recesses to facades that can prove troublesome. The issue is that no matter how good your skills at taping and jointing are, those tight gaps make the task impossible or, at best, so difficult that the quality suffers. This is where V-Cut profiles really turn mission impossible into possible mission.

Forming drywall to fassade abutments in modern offices is difficult because invariably the wall is a greater thickness than the mullion to which it abuts. A 100-120mm plasterboard wall meeting a 50 to 70mm mullion then involves a small return requiring corner beads and jointing. Pretty trick at the best of times but harder when it is close up against the glass window. A compromise seen often in Germany is to build a Fassadenschwert (a “sword”/brace) that effectively creates an infill between the mullion and the end of the plasterboard wall. The sword can be the same thickness as the mullion, i.e. produced as a very thin drywall construction, or it can be a glass infill piece depending on acoustic requirements. The drywall swords can also be manufactured in the factory as a prefabricated unit to allow quick installation on site. However, the traditional boarding technique will still require corner beads, possibly a stop bead and jointing which is difficult and messy. Whichever way you look at it this particular abutment is not an easy one.

A much simpler way of achieving these tricky details is to use V-Cut L Profiles. The L profile will wrap around the end of the wall creating a corner with the paper face intact. No corner bead or jointing is  required (unless the wall is skimmed). In addition, with our tape solution behind the v cut, the profile can be pre formed to a sturdy L shape before erection. The installation is quick and clean. This is, without doubt, the fastest way to create this detail saving cost, reducing labour time and improving site productivity.

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