Plasterboard global sales to grow by 8.5% annually to 10.7 billion sq. meters

New market research estimates the global demand for Plasterboard to grow to 10.7 billion square meters by 2016. Expected is an annual growth of 8.5% in the drywall industry.

Plasterboard plays a vital roll in completing buildings and accounts of approximately 5% of special construction activities. Although plasterboard is used in most buildings the industry is heavily depended on the residential market. The trade derives approximately 70% of its sales from lining interior walls and ceilings with drywall plasterboard.

After many years of declining demand during the down turn it looks like the industry is to experience a huge rebound in Europe and North America. Also Asia will see substantial growth with China being in the lead where growth is estimated as high as 12%. This is mainly driven by demand in both residential and non-residential construction.

However, not everywhere is looking at growth. Africa/Mideast, South America and Asia/Pacific are expected to slow down as construction spending will be much slower.

It is further predicted that the need for urban housing will result in higher drywall revenue in countries like Turkey, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. Construction companies will increasingly use modern building materials such as drywall instead of other products such as building plaster.

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