Plasterboard Margins

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes and indeed it is that one simple attribute that brings variety in its most basic form to architecture. But shaped buildings invariably complicate the regularity of the layout of the modular accessible suspended ceilings and the solution
is often to remove that complication with a plasterboard margin.

Plasterboard margins have not only the ability to take up the irregularity in the building shape but also the tolerances of the main structural elements as they are formed from a material that can be cut on site and then finished to achieve a seamless effect. However, there is always a junction between the margin and its adjacent accessible ceiling. That detail is often formed from extruded aluminium trims or with beads that must then be feathered in with jointing material to look smooth and clean cut. V-Cut eliminates this requirement.

The humble L profile formed from a single v cut in the board creates a perfect ninety-degree upturn with a sharp corner to form an edge on which a steel or aluminium angle, with or without shadow gap, can be fixed to seat the adjacent tiles. There is nocorner bead and no jointing required at the corner. This saves time and money whilst producing high quality.

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