Silent Island – Acoustic Absorbing Canopies

V-Cut Silent Island brings together V-Cut’s machining techniques with Sto’s acoustic boards to offer high acoustic absorbing canopies suitable for meeting rooms; areas where better than normal acoustic properties are required; and where there is a need to improve existing poor room acoustics.

Our production technique involves machining plasterboard down to its paper face to allow the board to fold thereby avoiding labour intensive beading and jointing work. Although Sto boards do not have a paper face we are able to v groove them in a similar manner to plasterboard. This means we can produce Sto canopies with returned edges in the same way as we do with plasterboard creating elegant high acoustically absorbing islands.

StoSilent boards have a significant high mean acoustic absorption property over other boards used for monolithic suspended ceilings with an NRC up to 0.86. The comparison to standard plasterboard is dramatic, Sto boards (with StoSilent Superfine finish) achieve, for example, an absorption of 0.70 at 500Hz against 0.06 for plasterboard and at 4000Hz Sto is 0.75 against 0.04 for plasterboard. The boards are light in weight at only 9.6kg/m2 (with steel grid). In addition, the panels are made from 96% recycled glass significantly reducing their environmental impact.

V-Cut Silent Islands are provided complete with integrated framing and wire hangers for quick and simple installation.   Individual island sizes up to 1000mm wide and 2200mm long are possible. They can also be supplied in Silent Light format with our invisible lighting built into the canopy.

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