The advantages of contemporary indirect lighting coving for residential and commercial environments

If you are redesigning the interior of your home or workplace, it will no doubt be an exciting time. You have a completely blank canvas to work from to create the right mood and ambience for each space. Lighting remains the key to achieving that desired mood or ambience. Too often property developers don’t take enough consideration into the way spaces are illuminated. This often leads to unnecessary glare which creates harsher living and work environments that aren’t conducive to relaxing at home or a productive day in the office.

Softer ambient light that’s not directly visible

Fortunately, there is a simple contemporary lighting solution. Indirect lighting offers the perfect balance, illuminating spaces with specially designed uplighter coving to create a soft and relaxing ambience by filling in shadows with soothing light. Unlike direct lighting such as strip or pendant lights, indirect lighting is not visible. It offers a much more even distribution of light as the rays are reflected off the ceiling, wall or floor from within the coving. Whether you’re looking for mood lighting for social living areas or you want to help a smaller space feel more expansive, indirect lighting coving is a hugely effective way to enhance the architecture of any modern or traditional property.

A clever interior design technique to accentuate lighting elements and architecture within a room is to paint the walls the same colour as the indirect lighting coving to ensure the reflected light is at one with the entirety of the room.

Discover the benefits of V-Cut indirect light coves

These recessed indirect light features are traditionally created using costly moulded materials that are not only expensive but wasteful too. At V-Cut, our coves for indirect lighting are manufactured from standard plasterboard, eliminating the possibility of an unsightly mix-and-match interior style. Our plasterboard profiles make it easy to produce and replicate intricate detailing such as light coving that would ordinarily be difficult to create on-site.

There are so many applications where indirect lighting coving can immediately transform the look and feel of a room. From cosy home cinema rooms to dining rooms for entertaining, you and your guests can enjoy subtle illuminations of existing architectural features that are warm and welcoming. Furthermore, commercial offices can benefit greatly from coving that features integrated energy efficient LED lighting that’s more durable and eco-friendly whilst minimising glare on screens and subsequent eye strain.

If you’re interested in how V-Cut’s recessed light coves can add value to your property, check out our full range of standard pre-made luminaires and our bespoke silent light panel system which offers aesthetically stunning lighting effects for walls and ceilings.

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