4 flexible plasterboard profiles that can transform your drywall application

For a safer, more sustainable approach to dry-lining for construction projects and applications, at V-Cut we offer a plethora of CNC machine-cut plasterboard profiles that provide our clients with the utmost design flexibility and the highest-quality finish; without the need for costly supporting structures.

We’ve been working hard to revolutionise the drywall industry, making it easier to fit and install drywall as an interior finishing material. Drywall has clear advantages over plaster, with the ability to be installed quickly and cost-effectively and with great versatility for all manner of residential and commercial applications.

Traditionally, drywall has not been a first-choice material for applications where high acoustic absorption is necessary, such as a large lecture theatre or a public space. This is because most drywall systems only achieve between Class B-D sound absorption ratings. However, we’ve been working with our partner, Vogl, to provide Class A absorption ratings using a different design of perforated plasterboard.

Dry-lining has never been easier with our four innovative plasterboard profiles that are factory assembled and ready to be fitted on-site to the exacting specifications of your application. There’s no need to cut plasterboards to size on-site – eliminating the potential for material wastage – and a greatly reduced requirement for jointing because of their unique design elements.

By cutting grooves into the plasterboard, it can fold to the required shape to suit the needs of any interior design:

  • L-shape
    Designed and cut to be folded into 90-degree L-shaped plasterboard profiles, creating perfect sharp corners.Ideal for:
    – Bulkheads
    – Light coves in ceilings
    – Clean straight edges for an impeccable finish
  • U-shape
    Manufactured with double grooves to enable the plasterboard to fold into a flawless U-shape, covering unsightly objects or for creating textured ceiling detail.Ideal for:
    – End caps for plasterboard walls
    – Cable or pipe encasements
    – Light coves in ceilings (such as our work at Heathrow’s Terminal 2)
    – Perimeter bulkheads
  • Z-Shape
    Manufactured with V-grooves cut on opposite sides of the plasterboard, to be folded into a simple Z shape with no beading required.Ideal for:
    – Ceiling detailing
    – Blind boxes
  • Flexible/curved
    Our innovative Flexiboard is a slotted plasterboard, designed to create aesthetically stunning curved walls and round ceiling details with ease and elegance. It can be formed to almost any type of site framing – be it convex, concave or both – and fixed and finished in exactly the same way as traditional plasterboard. Ideal for:
    – Foyers and receptions
    – Shop and office fit-outs
    – Museums and galleries
    – Airports
    – Stadia

Each profile can be manufactured and delivered quickly, depending on your project requirements. We can either deliver your chosen plasterboard profile pre-formed or flat packed, ready for immediate on-site installation.

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