Flexiboard by V-Cut

A Slotted Plasterboard to create

Curved Ceiling Plasterboard by V-Cut

  • Curved Ceiling Bulkheads
  • Round Column Casings
  • Curved Walls and Linings
  • Rounded End Caps for Partition Walls


Curved walls using V-Cut FlexiboardsCreate curved walls & round ceiling details easily

  • V-Cut’s Flexiboard will curve around the site framing without being forced.
  • V-Cut Flexiboard goes where other boards can’t.
  • Standard board size: 1200 x 2400 x 12.5 mm.
  • Able to bend to a 60mm radius.

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Curved wall made with V-Cut plasterboard

V-Cut’s Flexiboard has the advantage that it will wrap around the site framework to almost impossibly tight radii.

Whether the wall is convex, concave or both – the Flexiboard will follow the contour.

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