Modern Architecture, and Flexiboard’s Potential Benefits

Contemporary architecture is all about creating a perception of space and textures that are soft to the eye. Not only that, there’s a need for today’s architecture to be eco-friendly and creative.

Architecture in the 21st century benefits from computer-aided design, enabling architects to play around with new designs and lines for stability, durability and efficiency. For instance, back in the late 1990’s, it was computer-aided design which enabled architects to create the unusual shapes and curves of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. It’s formed a structure that almost appears to permanently flow and be on the move.

These unusual curves and shapes of interior walls are fast becoming integral to interior designs for both domestic and commercial purposes that don’t want to be constrained by clean, straight lines.

It’s been difficult for plasterers and architects to specify materials that adequately and sustainably bend to the required shape of their designs – until the advent of our flexible plasterboard, of course.

At V-Cut, we’ve worked hard to develop our very own curved drywall material, called Flexiboard. This gypsum board can bend to any required shape you need, with the advantage of being able to wrap around site framework in either a convex or concave fashion to almost impossibly tight radii. Whatever the design, Flexiboard can follow the contours you want for your contemporary interiors.

Flexiboard is a slotted plasterboard that can create curved walls and rounded ceiling detailing with ease. The core is encased in a strong paperliner, with recessed long edges enclosed within a complete paper fold. The result? A smooth, flush finish that’s incredibly easy to joint on-site, creating a superior and cost-effective wall surface that accepts a variety of decorative finishes.

We have to mention cost-effectiveness as everything costs money – even in today’s architecture. The beauty of Flexiboard – and all V-Cut plasterboard profiles – is that they can be cut to size off-site before the sheets are even installed to your site. Thus minimising the potential for material wastage and overspend on projects. Creating those unique, contemporary feature walls has never been easier.

Some of the most common architectural features our Flexiboard has been specified for include:

  • Curved ceiling bulkheads
  • Spectacular round column casings
  • Luxurious curved walls and linings
  • Rounded end caps for partition walls
  • Barrel-vaulted ceilings, arches and domes

Contemporary architects are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly interior designs that are energy efficient and incorporate good use of recycled materials.

Flexiboard is manufactured from a combination of natural gypsum and paper liner, made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper waste. Meanwhile, its lightweight plasterboard construction provides a host of additional benefits such as enhanced indoor air quality and the potential for acoustic and thermal upgrading.

For modern architects driven to create rhythmic, undulating patterns and shapes for interiors, flexible plasterboard can make those design ambitions a reality and will continue to do so for many years to come thanks to its simple installation and versatile finish.

Interested to know more about how Flexiboard can transform your interior’s contemporary style? Download our technical specifications here, find a stockist in your area or simply contact us directly to discover more of the possibilities.

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