V-Cut Fassade Abutment

A Plasterboard Fixings Guide – What to use and what not to use.

V-Cut Plasterboard

If you have hollow plasterboard or dryboard walls within your premises and you’re unsure which fixings you should be using, this blog post is designed to give you the confidence to carry out the fittings and applications you want to create your wonderful, bespoke interiors. Standard plasterboard hollow wall fixings Available for a matter of…

Curved Drywall Project from V-Cut

5 reasons why we’re suitable suppliers for drywall projects big and small

V-Cut Plasterboard

At V-Cut, we’re driven every day to provide our clients with specialist plasterboard that turns their design ideas into reality. We proudly work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals, to help transform interiors with simple, stylish and high-quality drywall installations; without the need for expensive moulded sections or on-site labour.…

V-Cut Plasterboard Profile Z-Shape

4 flexible plasterboard profiles that can transform your drywall application

V-Cut Plasterboard

For a safer, more sustainable approach to dry-lining for construction projects and applications, at V-Cut we offer a plethora of CNC machine-cut plasterboard profiles that provide our clients with the utmost design flexibility and the highest-quality finish; without the need for costly supporting structures. We’ve been working hard to revolutionise the drywall industry, making it…

3D plasterboard shapes at Metro Bank fit out


Creating 3D plasterboard shapes is neither difficult nor expensive. V-Cut’s machining techniques allow it to engineer and build elements of a drywall ceiling in the factory. This saves time on site and therefore lowers costs, produces better quality and reduces waste. To-date we have employed these techniques on many Metro Bank projects (5 of these…


Plasterboard & Class A Sound Absorption


The difficulty of plasterboard is that it is a hard material and sound bounces on hard materials or to use the technical term it reverberates. Therefore whilst it has flexibility to produce solutions to on site details it is generally not the material of first choice when it comes to creating a comfortable environment needing…


TV Recesses in Slim Walls


V-Cut’s L profiles offer many advantages – perfectly cut, perfectly straight and no need for beading or jointing. That makes difficult details easy to achieve and wall recesses or niches are one such detail where the V-Cut solution makes life easy. Modern TVs are getting slimmer and slimmer making wall mounting easier and more common.…

V-Cut Project - Heathrow Airport

New Heathrow Terminal 2 with 12km of V-Cut Light Coves


With in excess of 12 kilometres of profiles, V-Cut plasterboard light coves can be seen pretty much everywhere in the public areas of the brand new £2.5 billion Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. V-Cut has been involved in the new Queens Terminal from the beginning, indeed, long before activities had begun on site. This early involvement…

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