How to Support Projecting Light Coves

V-Cut Plasterboard

Many of our projects involve pre fabricated coves for concealed lighting. A V-Cut cove is far superior to anything that is built on site. The lines are perfectly straight, the edges are sharp and clean and the work on site is minimal. However, projecting coves have to be supported correctly and the more the cove…


Plasterboard & Class A Sound Absorption


The difficulty of plasterboard is that it is a hard material and sound bounces on hard materials or to use the technical term it reverberates. Therefore whilst it has flexibility to produce solutions to on site details it is generally not the material of first choice when it comes to creating a comfortable environment needing…


TV Recesses in Slim Walls


V-Cut’s L profiles offer many advantages – perfectly cut, perfectly straight and no need for beading or jointing. That makes difficult details easy to achieve and wall recesses or niches are one such detail where the V-Cut solution makes life easy. Modern TVs are getting slimmer and slimmer making wall mounting easier and more common.…


Silent Island – Acoustic Absorbing Canopies


V-Cut Silent Island brings together V-Cut’s machining techniques with Sto’s acoustic boards to offer high acoustic absorbing canopies suitable for meeting rooms; areas where better than normal acoustic properties are required; and where there is a need to improve existing poor room acoustics. Our production technique involves machining plasterboard down to its paper face to…