How to fit skirting boards

V-Cut Plasterboard

Skirting boards are an essential part of any home. They cover up the joint between the floor and the wall with a decorative border, whilst covering up the gaps which are needed for the natural contraction and expansions which occur in a house – as well as protecting it from getting hit by the hoover…

Building an Internal Stud Wall

V-Cut Plasterboard

Building an Internal Stud Wall Stud Walls are an easy and commonplace way to divide internal areas of a home whilst hiding electrical cables and pipes. They’ve found particular popularity when building a bedroom en suite, as they are an easy way of dividing a room and giving you a new, separate space – and…

How to fit plasterboard: A step-by-step guide

V-Cut Plasterboard

The use of plasterboard to finish stud walls is an exceptionally effective way to partition rooms due to its cost-effective nature and relatively straightforward installation. It’s possible to fit plasterboard with reasonable speed, especially if you’ve already got your plasterboard profiles cut to the size or shape required by an expert. At V-Cut, we can…

V-Cut Fassade Abutment

A Plasterboard Fixings Guide – What to use and what not to use.

V-Cut Plasterboard

If you have hollow plasterboard or dryboard walls within your premises and you’re unsure which fixings you should be using, this blog post is designed to give you the confidence to carry out the fittings and applications you want to create your wonderful, bespoke interiors. Standard plasterboard hollow wall fixings Available for a matter of…

V-Cut Plasterboard Profile Z-Shape

4 flexible plasterboard profiles that can transform your drywall application

V-Cut Plasterboard

For a safer, more sustainable approach to dry-lining for construction projects and applications, at V-Cut we offer a plethora of CNC machine-cut plasterboard profiles that provide our clients with the utmost design flexibility and the highest-quality finish; without the need for costly supporting structures. We’ve been working hard to revolutionise the drywall industry, making it…

3D plasterboard shapes at Metro Bank fit out


Creating 3D plasterboard shapes is neither difficult nor expensive. V-Cut’s machining techniques allow it to engineer and build elements of a drywall ceiling in the factory. This saves time on site and therefore lowers costs, produces better quality and reduces waste. To-date we have employed these techniques on many Metro Bank projects (5 of these…